Atlantic City and Las Vegas! Does the mere thought of visiting these places set you pulsating? The glimmer of the casinos and the sound of money piling up by your side; is that your idea of a Richie-Rich fantasy? If yes, living this fantasy has now turned into a cakewalk; the credit for which goes to the booming technology that has introduced the concept of online casinos and gaming to the world. Playing casino games online has become cool these days. Be it for recreation or for monetary purposes, people try everything from luck to tested strategies in order to strike gold while playing these casino games. One such tried and tested method of earning big at online casino gaming portals is the use of casino bonuses. Some details about what casino bonuses are, how they are used and which are the best bonuses of all, are given below:

What are Casino Bonuses?

A freebie, reward or an incentive, that’s how you define a bonus; right? Similarly, a casino bonus is also like a reward which is given to a player by online casinos. In order to enjoy these bonuses, players have to fulfill certain conditions. Signing up or making the first deposit are some of these conditions, which vary from one online casino to another.

Now, you must be wondering why these best bonuses are such a rage with the players. The benefits that they will endow you with form the primary reasons. Take a look at some of the advantages of using online casino bonuses here:

Benefits of Using Online Casino Bonuses:

• For online casinos, these bonuses act as magnets that draw more and more people to play their casino games.

• For players, the use of a casino bonus can act as method to score well at the gambling table. The best casino bonuses are money-spinning and therefore, entice players keep going with their gambling-spree.

• The idea of grabbing these bonuses adds to the thrill and excitement of gambling.

Depending on the conditions which a player needs to fulfill, there is a multitude of bonuses available these days. Given below are details about some highly popular and lucrative bonuses.

Types of Casino Bonuses:

Before going any further with the types of bonuses, take a look at the concept of wagering or play through requirements. These are the conditions which we talked about earlier. It simply means that a player will need to wager a bonus a couple of times in order to withdraw the amount. These requirements come associated with almost every bonus known to the world of online casinos.

Take a look at the different types of casino bonuses below:

1. Welcome Bonus: Welcome Bonuses are offered by onlinecasinos to the players when they choose to sign-up with them. Also known as the New Player or Sign-Up bonuses, these are mostly 100% match bonuses up to a particular amount. The terms and conditions related to these bonuses might differ from casino to casino. It is advisable to go through all the norms related to bonuses before signing up for gambling with a particular casino.

2. No Deposit Bonus: This is one of the most popular and widely used bonuses. By No Deposit, it means that the player does not have to make any deposit with the casino to start with his gambling sojourn. These are usually rolled out by casinos for promotional purposes. When it comes to the wagering requirements, in case of No Deposit Bonuses they are quite high.

3. Match Bonus: This is the kind of bonus which is offered to a player whenever he or she makes a deposit with the casino. The casino will match the amount of deposit with their pre-determined percentage in order to formulate the final bonus amount. This type of bonus is usually awarded to new players.

4. Loyalty Bonus: VIP or Loyalty clubs are sections of online casinos which provide the players with an outstanding bonus whenever they place a bet. This is mostly for the players who are regular at playing games.

5. Monthly Bonus: A few casinos roll out the best casino bonuses and lucrative offers in the form of monthly or weekly bonuses. These can be in the form of deposit, reload or loyalty bonuses.

6. Reload Bonus: When regular players choose to return to a casino for going ahead with their gambling endeavors, this kind of bonus is given out to them. The main reason behind offering it is to keep the players interested in the casinos so that they make deposits on a regular basis.

7. Exclusive Bonus: These are the best casino bonuses which are mostly given out on occasions like the first anniversary of the site, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and New Year etc.

8. Cash Back Bonus: Under the cash back bonuses, players can enjoy a certain percentage of the bonus, which is reverted in case they lose the game. If a player chooses to play a game by making a deposit of $200 with a casino which offers 50% cash back bonus, the player will receive $100 back from the casino.

9. Refer-a-Friend Bonus: Nowadays a lot of gambling sites have a special refer-a-friend bonus plan for their players. This is again a promotional method to increase the number of players who make deposits with the casino. Also, the players can benefit greatly from these best bonuses.

10. High Roller Bonus: This special bonus is for players who splurge while making deposits. The casinos set a particular limit and when a player makes a deposit above that limit, he receives a high roller bonus. A player making deposits as high as $2000 is often eligible to enjoy this exciting casino bonus.

Before you get-set on an online gambling spree, make sure you’ve gathered enough information about every aspect related to it. Along with this list of the best casino bonuses, do take a look at the finest casinos which you can enjoy playing with. Also, gain enough knowledge about the games that are popular with the gamblers these days. Follow all these and you’ll never bite the dust while trying your luck at an online casino.