Are you looking for the best online casino in which to play baccarat? This is among the most played card game in the world, which is why you can expect it to be offered in nearly all online casinos. However, there are some online casinos that are considered better sites for play than others, so you should not simply enrol on the first website you find.

So how should you go about looking for the best online casino for your preferred game? We go into that below, followed by some examples of the top casinos for baccarat for UK players in particular.

What to Look for in the Best Online Casino for Baccarat

A number of the criteria for deciding the best online casino for baccarat are applicable to a search for the best online casino for many other games. The fact of the matter is, most of the parameters for quality in a casino affect its operations and games across the board, so searching for something like the best online casino for blackjack can often lead you to a similarly great casino for another game, e.g. baccarat or poker.

One of the first things you want in the best online casino for your game is obviously a good gaming platform. Given that certain software companies have built up enough of a dominance in the field when it comes to this, you can generally expect most websites to satisfy in this regard. Whether the platform a casino uses is built by Playtech or Microgaming or some other brand, it will generally yield a smooth baccarat playing experience.

Probably a less easily fulfilled requirement is the live baccarat game option. A casino can be a very good one even without this feature, but since we are talking about the best online casino for baccarat, it would be odd to leave out this option. Most players generally appreciate the option to at least try the game with a live dealer from the comfort of their homes.

You also want to find a casino that makes customer support a priority. If something ever goes wrong with your gaming you naturally want support personnel and channels easily available. If a casino has an exceedingly poor reputation in terms of customer support and problem resolution, the smartest thing to do would be to skip it in favour of one with a better record.

Next on the list of criteria would be a good programme for loyalty points. Most casinos have a loyalty system in place whereby you gain rewards based on particular activities performed on the site, e.g. making a deposit gains you points, which you can later convert into rewards if you accumulate enough of them. However, some of them do have rather better reward systems than others, so it is worth looking up. Here are some things to look for in a good loyalty system:

  • A reasonable rate of point accumulation, e.g. one that sees you getting points on most of your usual activities on the website, or often enough that you get at least a few points with each visit
  • The ability to exchange a certain number of points for bonuses or even withdrawable cash
  • Exclusives for members whose loyalty status under the system has placed them in a higher tier than others
  • Practical benefits for reaching higher loyalty tiers like higher withdrawal limits and faster withdrawals

Bonuses are also good things to inspect when looking for the best online casino for baccarat but do not be fooled into just taking them at face value. Many casinos look generous enough with the headlines of their promos, but then look rather less so when you see the terms and conditions they have in place. If casinos promos always have ridiculously high wagering requirements, steer clear.

You may want to check if the casino has any special bonuses for baccarat players. This is not usually the case, even among top candidates for the title of the best online casino for the game. When you cannot find anything to that effect, at least check that many of the bonuses they do offer are applicable to baccarat play as well. Some casinos limit a lot of their bonuses to be playable only to certain games which are often those they want to promote. Given how popular baccarat already is, it is not likely to get specified here.

Of course, you cannot forget to check a casino’s payout rates too. These are usually published by third party testers and are linked by the casinos themselves.

Finally, be sure to seek a casino that has a mobile version. It may not yet be important to all people, but if you do grow to like a casino’s offerings, you will very likely end up seeking a mobile version of its baccarat later on.

Some of Our Top Picks for Baccarat Casinos

  1. William Hill Casino – This bookmaker’s site is a good candidate overall for the best online casino for baccarat players. It has excellent customer support, a strong reputation, a great live casino, regular promos, and just about everything else we mentioned above. Try their live dealer baccarat in particular, which is among the best of its type.
  2. Bet365 – This is another great candidate for the best online casino for baccarat given its excellent reputation. Another thing to look forward to on the site is the payout percentage, which is unusually high.
  3. 888 Casino – This is a superb brand, so much so that one of the most common remarks users have for its sites is its fairness. It boasts a high payout percentage too at 97.72% on average for all games. On the whole, you can expect an even, pleasing experience when playing on this casino, especially for baccarat.
  4. Royal Vegas Casino – This Microgaming-powered website is another fine selection for baccarat players, especially because of its loyalty system and the smoothness of the playing experience it offers. It also has an exceptionally high payout rate at 97.5%. Like all of the other candidates we compiled for the title of best online casino, it does not accept US players, so gamers from there should look elsewhere for their baccarat games.