Online video poker games have always been so popular, not only to the hardcore online casino fanatics but also to the ordinary people as well. Poker is considered as the best online casino game because it uses both skill and luck. Unlike any other online casino games that are highly dependent on luck alone, you will have more chances of winning when playing online video poker by using the right skills and strategy. However, before you play any real money poker games online, make sure that you fully understand the rules of the game and how you can win it.

Why It Is Good to Play Online Video Poker Games in Real Money Online Casino Sites:

It is very odd for you to play online video poker games without knowing what the game is really all about. First of all, poker is a casino card game that allows you to play either with other real time players or the dealer himself. Depending on the platform you are using and the poker variation you are playing, you will face different kinds of players and competitors who are aiming for the prize.

Online video poker games have several variations but let us just focus on the most popular one, Texas Hold’em. You have probably heard this name a few times already, from your Facebook friends or colleagues, because it is quite popular today. This poker game variation is played by millions of people all over the world, regardless of age. When playing the Texas Hold’em poker variation, you will be playing with other real time players and you will compete with each other, instead of the dealer. This is a very good way to challenge your skills and to make new friends at the same time. Since the game is not really that demanding, you will have time to chat with your co-players while waiting for your next turn. This is one of the many reasons why you should try out online video poker games, especially the Texas Hold’em variation.

When playing the Texas Hold’em online video poker variation, each of you will be given two cards that are dealt face-down. There will also be five community cards that will be dealt by the dealer during the game. During the first round of the game, each of you will be asked to bet, with the three community cards face-up already. After all the players finished betting, the fourth community card will be opened and you will go through another round of betting. After that, the fifth and last community card will be opened and the winner or winners will be determined. During the duration of the online video poker game, it would be wise to exercise bluffing so that your co-players will be wary of betting. This is actually a game of skill that you need to master before you can fully grasp the concept and techniques for it.

It would be wise to play online video poker games because you will have greater chances of winning since the game involves skill. You just have to do your best and apply effective strategies that will help you win the game. It may sound easy but you will need a lot of time for practice and there will be times when you can’t help but feel frustrated because things aren’t going your way. Do not be discouraged and just continue mastering those poker skills. In no time, you will be ready to face the real money online poker players that are on your level.

Where You Can Play the Best Online Video Poker Games This Month

Although you can play at any online casino sites if you have the right online poker gaming skills, it would be best to play in the top-rated online casino sites to get the best deals and cash prizes. Check the following sites to see the offers you can get this month while playing enjoyable online video poker games:

  1. High Noon Casino
  • This online casino site is known worldwide, accepting players from almost all nationalities, including US. High Noon Casino has a great layout and the site is player-orientated. This online casino site does not only allow you to play online video poker games with friends on a real time basis, but it will also allow you to take home amazing cash and non-cash prizes that will satisfy you. Since this online casino site is powered by RTG, one of the leading software providers today, you can expect that you will be playing high quality games with unique rules and game play instructions.
  1. Green Casino
  • Being one of the largest online casino sites today, Mr. Green Casino serves millions of players on a daily basis. The good thing about this online casino site is that it is powered by several online casino softwares, comprised mostly of the top rated online casino software providers. This means, you will see more than 500 games in their gallery. With these, you won’t need to look for another online casino site in case you get bored playing one poker variation.
  1. Winner Casino
  • Winner Casino is very straightforward when it comes to online casino policies and house rules. This is one of the things that give Winner Casino an edge over the other sites. Although the design of the site is not flashy, the rewards and deals are enough reason to make you want to stay longer. Winner Casino is a very busy site and has a lot of traffic due to the large volume of players actively playing in the site but it doesn’t really affect the performance.
  1. 777 Casino
  • 777 Casino promotes Instant-play games that will save you a lot of time and effort. This online casino site takes strength from the numerous online slot games they provide. Many players love the site because of their online slot games.There are also a lot of table games that you can enjoy while you are in the site, so just take your time and explore it as much as you can.
  1. Lincoln Casino
  • Lincoln Casino is a very well-designed online casino site that allows players to feel comfortable while playing their favourite online video poker games. This online casino site is powered by an exclusive software provider which means you can play games that are designed to entertain Lincoln Casino players. This is a breath of fresh air for all the players who are tired of seeing the same online casino games over and over again.