A casino is the best place to be, especially if you want loads of entertainment and make a lot of money playing games at the same time. Every time you decide to gamble, it is not possible to travel and hover around famous casino hot spots – Las Vegas, for example. For the convenience of many, several casinos have been launched online, offering a wide range of games that could be downloaded or played online. You can play free online casino games, such as online video poker, roulette, keno and many others at these online casinos.

Online video poker

Video poker is one of the oldest casino games, which you can find at many reputed casinos. These games have been there since the 1970s and were the first games to be played on a computer. They made a mark even before internet gaming became a rage.

The game was a favourite at bars and ground casinos. In this day and age, the popularity of the game has been shadowed by other online casino games, such as

  • Slot games
  • Keno
  • Roulette, to name a few

Despite low with its popularity, online video poker still is still one of the best games to gamble and make money with. There are many casinos that allow you to play free online casino games, such as video poker – a prominent example being TangiersCasino.com!

About TangiersCasino.com

TangiersCasino.com started in the year 2009 and offers over 60 varieties of games to its members. The sophisticated image of the game lobby is the attractive feature that draws many players to this online casino games site. Besides these, there are many other features that make TangiersCasino.com stand out than other online gambling dens. Some of these include the following:

  • A very user-friendly interface
  • Simple rules to follow
  • Help for newbie’s and more

Since richcasino.com uses TopGame platform as gaming software, it is easier to play free online casino games like online video poker, keno, slots, etc. simultaneously. This allows players to enjoy the experience of multiple gaming at the same time.


The focus of TangiersCasino.com is a lot on good customer relationship, and hence the myriad of astounding promotional offers being doled out by the casino. On registering, gamers are provided with huge bonus points and rewards. The website has round the clock live chat facilities in order to clear queries and issues, which players may have with the games.

The VIP Membership at TangiersCasino:

TangiersCasino targets elite players and every member of their site is considered a VIP. The site has three kinds of unique memberships, namely;

  • The Black Diamond Club
  • The Titanium Club, and
  • The Crystal Room Club

New members are encouraged to register with the casino, thus becoming a member of the Crystal Room Club instantly. Members would receive good privileges and exciting promotional offers too. If you would like to play free online games such as online video poker, becoming a member of the Crystal Room club is mandatory.

The other two clubs

The Titanium and Black Diamond accepts members by invitation only. Titanium is set for the most loyal players. These members enjoy special weekly loyalty bonuses and offers every week. Black Diamond is for the most elite player, who can afford to make huge deposits. In return, he will receive the best treatment and offers.

How does an Online Video Poker Game work?

In online video poker, a player would have to sit in front of a monitor and several buttons are offered to deal, hold or bet. Then a hand of five-card draw poker is dealt out by the game, and player must play hand. The same format was incorporated into online video poker using interactive features. The game combines features of two casino games, i.e. poker and slots. The player would be given a ‘paytable’, a play area and set of clickable buttons. Using these features, the player can deal, hold and bet for the game.

Most casino games have many varieties and so does online video poker. Members can play free online casino games such as online video poker at the TangiersCasino that has many different kinds of poker. Some type of pokers at TangiersCasino are as follows:

  • Joker Poker – This game is played with a deck of 53 cards, the 53rd card being a joker. This card is used as a wild card that can be substituted for any other card. It also increases the odds of a strong hand in the game.
  • Jacks or Better – This is one of the most appreciated poker games by players. The game is based on 5 cards that are dealt to the players face-up. Gamblers can then replace them once to improve hand. A player would win the major jackpot, if he draws a Royal Flush. A maximum of 20 coins is allowed per hand in this game.
  • Deuces and Joker – The game is played with a deck of 52 cards, which are shuffled before every game. This is to ensure that the cards are dealt randomly. There are 5 wild cards, i.e. four deuces and one joker. The wild cards can be used to substitute for any card to get a winning combination.
  • Deuces Wild – The most important thing that makes Deuces Wild Poker exciting is that the four deuces can be substituted for any card of any rank and suit. The game only gets thrilling when there are such rules.

New players often end up betting their money as soon as they start gambling. Gambling is a game that involves a lot of risks, and quite often newbie’s end up losing more money than making any. If you decide to play games like poker, it is very important to perfect your act before getting into it. In games like poker, it is crucial to understand other players’ moves, so that you can come with your strategies to win. It is advisable to play free online casino games, such as video poker, so that you can learn the tricks of the trade. This would eventually help you to actually know how to gamble and make enough money.

This does not apply just to games like poker alone. Even in games like roulette and keno, you would require a lot of practice to gain perfection. Luck is also important to win in gambling, but always learn to play free online casino games such as online video poker, slots and roulette, to understand how they work. It is always better to feel the water to see if it is cold, before you take a dive.