There is undoubtedly a certain romance, thrill and glamour associated with playing online casino games. However, unless you reside somewhere near Las Vegas or Atlantic City, the chances of playing in a real casino are pretty slim. This has all changed drastically, thanks to the power of the internet. Casino games can now be accessed by virtually everyone through the World Wide Web.

What is an online casino?

An online casino is similar to any other business on the internet and is a “web-version” of the common brick and mortar hall. Also referred to as “internet,” and/or “virtual” casinos, these gambling sites allow players to place bets on conventional games, which include the following:

  • Online blackjack
  • Online video poker
  • Online slots
  • Online roulette wheels

and any other game which you may find in a traditional casino parlour.

Are the odds better on the web?

Generally speaking, odds and payback percentages for online casinos are almost the same as they are for real casinos. The concept behind these games is similar to the offline version except that the slot machines on the web use random number generators.  Reputable websites offering online casino games publish valid payout percentage analysis. These are the best places for playing online casino games safely.

Can online casinos be trusted?

This is a common and valid issue. Owners of online gaming websites lease software from a distinguished third party and publish payout analysis as mentioned earlier.

Having said this, the age old suggestion of caveat emptor seems to be wise when playing online casino games. There have been reported cases of rogue casinos using cheating software to dupe players. However, it’s interesting to note that this fraud has nothing to do with the games themselves and involves outright refusals or unreasonable delays to release the winnings of players.

The best part is that reputation or the notoriety of websites spreads with the speed of light on the internet. When a certain casino website has been sufficiently documented of having involved in fraudulent activities, the gaming community on the internet marks it as a “rogue casino.” You can find many gamblers’ forums online that maintains list of dishonest casino sites. As a result, such sites fail to do business and vanish in a short time.

Some players try to cheat by signing up at the same site with multiple identities in order to claim the generous sign-up bonuses.  They can also take a screenshot and change it with graphics editing software to create a false picture of a winning online slots jackpot or online video poker hand and try to claim their winnings. Such players can easily be traced and can find themselves debarred from the site permanently.

Some essential things you should know before you start playing online casino games

Online casino parlours have provided a great way of entertainment for gambling lovers while enjoying the privacy and comfort of their own homes. With casinos that are land-based, players have to face real players or dealers in order to play.

You can choose to entertain yourself, enhance your wealth or both by playing online casino games depending on the type of player you are. Serious players play these games with the motive of winning huge amounts of cash while some are there for pure entertainment and kill time. If you are the first type, then get ready to expose your credit card for some serious betting. However, if you want to play online casino games just for fun, try out the free play option where you don’t need to use your real money for placing bets.

Finding the ultimate casino site with a broad range of games offering higher chances of winning is crucial if you don’t want to end up losing and wasting your hard-earned money. One of the most popular online games where there is a possibility of earning actual dollars seems to be the online poker. Based on the variation, this game hardly changes its rule and you can play using your own techniques to achieve the better hands. A main benefit of playing online poker is the fact that you won’t feel the stress and pressure which is often seen in a land based casino parlour where you are sitting face to face with your strong opponents. You’ll never be bluffed playing online poker and the ability to win the game depends purely on your strategy.


Another favourite that is prioritized by people playing online casino games is blackjack. In this tricky game, you can neglect the fundamental rules required to win. Simply focus on the way the dealer plays his cards to get acquainted to the game. As far as online blackjack is concerned, splits have reduced chances of winning. Hence, you need to prevent splitting your aces or eights and by being absolutely attentive, you have the possibility of beating the house odds.

Different sites have different casino games since they are browser-based and download-based. Games where you need to download the software are relatively efficient with respect to convenience. On the other hand, if you want comfort, go for browser-based games where you don’t have to download any software before playing your favourite game on the web.

Most played casino game on the internet

Slots are the most widely played casino games and attract people since they do not require any skill and are simple. Slots games are quite loveable and interesting particular for a newbie player, since they require no ability or experience, and depend basically on luck. You can win huge amounts while playing slots games. The thrill of winning is equivalent to that of playing in a real casino but without the hassles of budgeting or travelling while visiting a brick and mortar casino.

Playing online casino games can give you a lot of fun and can be the perfect way to spend a weekend locked up in your house.  Ensure to study the payout tables so that you know the winning combinations and also if there is a multiplier that is available.

It’s obvious that casino owners are out there to do business, hence there is a stiff competition among each other. These can be in the form of great bonuses and other attractions, which have the main objective of retaining the customers. Finally make sure to study your chosen site before playing online casino games so that you have a memorable experience.