Casinos are a weakness for all those who like playing games. These games are so addictive that no one can resist without trying their hand at it. One such game available at both offline and online casinos is the slot games. These games have been there since close to 100 years as of now. Almost everyone is aware about it and they also know how to play them. But nowadays going to a casino has become a limited activity as all these casino games are available online with just a little bit of key variations to better the actual game. You can play online casino slots from the comfort of your home now. One such website which offers great casino slots is, as it has a wide variety of slot games on its website.

Online Slot Games

Playing online casino slots is the easiest of all. Just spin the reel by inserting the coin and check the payout line on your screen. Check if you have the winning combination or not. It is that simple. Also the most popular online casino games are the slot games. Ever since they have been introduced online, they have been in great demand. Many people also call it the virtual slot games as it is played online. There are loads of players who are constantly hooked to these online slot games because of the craze they associated to them and also for the fact that there are numerous advantages offered to play online casino slots. is a popular website which offers such advantages.

There are many types of online slot games which are offered by Let us look at some of them.

3 Reel slots

There are 3 reels which are vertically placed on the slots screen. Once you put the coin and start the game, the reels start moving and stop after a few spins. The combination seen on the 3 reels, also known as payout line, decides whether you have won a reward or not. There are five possible ways of winning combinations when you play online casino slots games. These include the top row, the bottom row, the middle row and the two diagonal sides.

5 reel slots

Just like the 3 reels there are 5 reels options to play online casino slots at The reason for 5 reels is to multiply your winning probability. You will get nine payout lines in this kind of slot games and it also increases your chance of winning.

Bonus slots

These slots have just one payout line which is in the middle. If this line shows a bonus symbol, then you are entitled to a bonus payout. These slots are very popular because of the bonus they offer. The bonus offered is really attractive and gives a high yield to the players.

The Progressive Jackpot

These jackpots are undoubtedly the biggest playing online casino slots in today’s times. The player plays this game to win a big jackpot at one go. Each play is cumulatively added to the jackpot amount until someone wins it. Many times this Progressive Jackpot has even exceeded the 1 million dollar mark as well.

Video Slots

Video slots are somewhat similar to reel slots but they are electronic rather than mechanical. Playing video slots gives you more chances of winning as they angle up and down when they move across the grid lines.

Tales of Egypt

If you are a diehard fan of the Egyptians then you are going to love this game. If you hit three or more symbols on an active payline, you can get near to the pharaoh’s treasure where you may find a lot of bonus and goodies for you to enjoy this game.

Religion of Champions – Brazil

With the increasing number of football fans, you can indulge yourself in finding your favorite star in one of the 9 symbols and 20 paylines along with 5 hot reels, which will unleash the other side of the game where you can win loads and go home with a title for sure.

Dwarven Gold

This classic online slot game is inspired by the Irish folklore and mythology. This world is filled with magical creatures which will be revealed in the 25 lines and 5 reels. This game has the potential to make you win 33 free spins and a 6x multiplier as well.

There are many other games to play online slots at like the ones mentioned below:

  • Glorious Rome
  • Great Reef
  • Dice and Fire 20 lines
  • Sugar Rush 20 lines
  • Black Diamond 25 lines
  • Fandango’s 15 lines
  • Shia Safavids treasures 20 lines

Customer Support makes sure that its players are given all the attention they need. This is the reason for them to have a dedicated customer support team round the clock which will service their players as and when required. This helps to play online casino slots with ease.

Free signup bonus

How would you feel if you get a bonus without playing anything at all? It would be a great start, right? offers a free signup bonus to all its players who open an online account with them.  This bonus can be used to play the games on their websites. This is a really good feature for beginners who wish to play online casino slots. These bonuses are a good amount of money which can be invested in playing slot games. Players who sign up using a deposit get approximately 10% to 30% of the amount depending on the amount deposited.

Caution note

You need to be really careful of fraudulent websites which dupe you of your money and run away. is a very trusted website and you can make your payments without any hassles or tensions. There have been many reports of online casino frauds and scams. This had actually kept the players from playing their favorite casino games for quite some time. Therefore one should check the authenticity of the website before making any payments. It becomes very important to have a trusted casino website platform like

With all these tips and information you can start playing online casino slots on with utmost ease and that too hassle free.