Conventional casinos in havens like Atlantic City or Las Vegas lure customer by offering jazzy environment, free drinks, superstar shows, sound of jackpot coins etc. This induces the customer to go back to these casinos time and again. The operators of these gambling dens are benefitted by the loyalty of these customers. Digital portals have also started offering online Casino Bonus to its customers. Online casino bonus serves as a good incentive for players.

Land casinos are facing tough competition from online casinos. Online casinos are giving a tough competition to land based casinos on all grounds. They offer similar facilities, environment and games as you can find in a brick and mortar casino. The cost of operations for digital casinos is less as compared to land casinos. This enables them to offer rewards that exceed those offered by conventional casinos. The margins of digital casinos are not hurt even f they offer rewards in kind other than the standard monetary rewards that are common in the industry. Land based casinos find it difficult to offer similar bonuses as they don’t feel comfortable in taking a hit on their margins. However, conventional casinos have an edge over digital casinos when it comes to customer loyalty. It takes time for a customer to shift from conventional choices to new age digital casinos. You may think what induces customers to switch over to digital casinos. Online Casino Bonus is one of the ways in which customers can be lured.

Online casino bonus or free money offered by these casinos encourages customers to use their systems. These systems are backed by complex algorithms. Complex algorithms are used in order to maintain fairness in the game. These algorithms are tough to be cracked by a hacker. These websites use licenses to showcase the level of authenticity of their portals and software they use.

Entry bonus:

Casinos require users to sign-up on their websites, pay subscription fees (optional), use free entry bonus (which is equal to the funds invested by the player or more based on the tier of the casino) in order to play and get acquainted with their system. The aim is to make them use their system in an easy manner. Many casinos have started reselling the technology that they use in building the online casino. This is a complete solution that includes integration of games and payout mechanism among others.

Sign-up Bonus:

Some casinos make it mandatory for user to register or sign-up on their websites, whereas some don’t. The process of signing-up requires the user to submit essential details. These details are captured by the casinos and used while issuing sign-up bonuses to its users. A sign-up online casino bonus can be really useful for a new player who has yet to learn the tricks and tips of the game.

Online casinos expect users to deposit more and more funds and play as much as possible. They do this by offering them several types of online casino bonuses. These bonuses include sign-up bonus, reload bonus, bonus payable to loyal customers, percentage of deposit bonuses.

You should keep in mind that the online casino bonus offered is not free. You should know that the bonus you get will be retrieved by the casinos in the form of deposits that they would expect from you after you play a couple of games on their system. You should understand that the strategy used by online casinos is “carrot strategy” (carrot & stick strategy). They lure customers to play more and invest more. It is important for you to learn about these bonuses. You should read the rules and regulations before investing in digital gaming zones. Learn to make good use of free chips that you get from these casinos. Another thing to keep in mind is where to stop investing or playing. You should determine a point beyond which you would think twice before putting money. There should be a point of satiety set way before to begin to play. This benchmark will keep your investments under a scanner. This will also keep your losses under check. Any wise player would not just get carried away with online casino bonus. Remember a penny saved is a penny earned.

Welcome Bonus by Online Casinos

Welcome bonus is the most humble ways adopted by these casinos to welcome their customers on board for an exciting experience. Players give due importance to welcome bonuses offered by casinos. They are sensitive towards online casino bonus. The decision to play with a certain casino is influenced by the amount of welcome bonus offered. They conduct a comparison analysis of the bonuses offered by other casinos and settle for the one that offers the best in the market. Welcome bonus is also called new player bonus. They can be in the form of money or rewards in kind like, free chips, free spins, matching bonus or bonus percentage.

No Deposit/deposit relaxation Bonus by Online Casinos

No deposit bonus is a bonus offered by the casino to its player free of cost. Here the player is not required to make any initial deposit or pay subscription fee on any kind. This is known as no deposit or deposit relaxation bonus.

Matching Deposit Bonus by Online casinos

Matching Deposit Bonus by Online casinos refer to the amount of bonus that is paid by the casino to the player, which is equal to the amount of initial deposit made by the customer. This is a good way in making the customer pay for the services, which is equivalent to the amount of funds deposited. This way the customer feels good about the fact that the company is paying a bonus. But the fact is that the customer has paid for it and it’s not an out of pocket expenditure for the casino.

Percentage Deposit Bonus by Online Casinos

Online casino bonus comprises of percentage deposit bonus too within which a percentage of bonus is paid by the casino from the amount of deposit that you make. This is called Percentage Deposit Bonus. The above mentioned online casino bonuses are widely used by players to make the most of their online gambling experience.