There was a major change in the gambling business in the early nineties when free online video poker became available. For those who like to bet on high possibility winnings whilst playing against the most skilled players, online video poker can be the best solution. It involves a highly focused proficiency, and at the same time there are no complex rules.

Whether you have a laptop or a smartphone; you can play free online video poker anywhere and at any time. There are flash versions available which do not need downloading. All you need to do is go online, log-in and you are good to play. The convenience of this game is only one of the aspects which make online video poker the most favoured game.

Rules of Playing Free Online Video Poker Games

  • There are not too many rules in video poker, but one must be aware of the fundamentals.
  • Players play with between one and five coins, and then the poker machine deals 5 cards from which players have to choose which card to discard and which to hold.
  • Following this, the poker machine replaces the discarded cards and pays the players according to the value of their hand.
  • In the online version, the same thing happens, but instead of getting the hand, it shows up on the player’s screen.

Reasons Why Every Gambler Loves Free Online Video Poker

Gamblers and players all over the world are always on the lookout for thrilling games. Times have changed since the last decade but the joy of winning free prizes never changes. Many online casinos and bingo clubs have a wide variety of free online video poker games as well as blackjack, roulette, slots and others.

Here are the most apparent reasons why players of all ages get so hooked to online video poker games.

  • Comfort of being able to play alone

Many people just love to indulge in a game with friends or competitors but what if nobody is online at that moment in time? Most forms of gambling require multiple players and full tables to start a game but not online video poker. You can play this amazing game against your computer without waiting for others to join you.

Online video poker games allow the player to start and end the game whenever he desires. There is no pressure at all and you can play without having to worry about your opponents since you’ll be playing against your own computer. Devise strategies and take as much time as you wish before hitting the Deal button.

  • Plenty of choices available in online video poker games

It is a pleasant surprise to know that casinos are paying huge attention towards the quality of the games they offer. In order to offer the player a great gambling experience, they have started offering hundreds of varieties of video poker games. In fact, free online poker games have over 20 variations.

The high definition games are designed to be progressive and you will be amazed by the efforts taken to entertain you. For example, one single console contains Deuces Wild, Double-Double Bonus and Texas Hold ’em. Every time you go online to play video poker, you are guaranteed to see new games.

  • Win huge prizes by playing interrelated games

Leading software companies like Play Tech and Microgaming have always developed the most remarkable online gambling games. Now, they have also launched various progressive video poker games too in order to further entice the players.

Most of the free online video poker games are linked to the slots machines and mega jackpots. Thus, you always have numerous opportunities to win big bonuses and prizes, all without paying a penny. You can join an online video poker site and play the countless interrelated games to have double fun.

  • Sharp your wits by playing online video poker

When a player begins to play his first game, nobody expects him to win. But they say, practice makes perfect. So, if you want to play in a real casino, it is better to practice first in your home. By playing online video poker, you soon learn the rules and devise effective strategies to become a great player.

There are numerous guidelines and articles available online which can help new players learn the rules. Before you start betting your hard earned money in real video poker games, it is advisable to play free online video poker. You can play different games and find out which games you prefer.

  • Play low risk online video poker games

The most attractive feature of playing free online video poker is that no risks are involved. Look at it this way: you don’t bet with real money, you play against your computer and you play at your chosen pace. This makes video poker totally entertaining, especially if you don’t want the high risks.

All the games will start with your bid, so there is never a hurry to make decisions. Only you decide when to press the Deal button whilst playing your favourite game. You remain in full control until the very end of the online video poker game.

  • Play free online video poker to win bonuses and promotions

Every online casino wants you to have loads of fun and will offer free bonuses to help you on your way. You get to play incredible video poker games without emptying your wallet. And what’s more, casinos pay you to play their different games and win! Now who would be able to pass on such an astounding opportunity? Players who decide to bet with real money are also offered complimentary bonuses and prizes. So, either way, you get to taste the sweet success.

Ultimately, if you want to learn the game and become an expert without competing against others, free online video poker must be on your list. There are no dealers to influence your game and absolutely no chances of unfair practice. You will have to play it yourself to feel the bliss of a thrilling game.